Stretch Film




Cost Reduction

1) Labour savings:- The handling of loose boxes is more "time intensive" than handling a unitized load. Thus man hours     are saved in the movement of packaged goods

2) Low supply cost:- Compared to other packaging and bundling materials,stretch film is the lowest cost to use because     it offers the most yield for the Rupee.

3) Transportation savings:- Since unitizing accelerates the speed at which goods are moved,carrier vehicles spend less     time at loading docks. This reduction in loading time provides valuable cost savings to the company


1) Security:- Unit loads reduce incidents of pilferage and theft because packages from an enclosed load are difficult to     remove. Moreover,unit loads are much easier to track than individually packaged products,making the "disappearance"     of goods more detectable.

2) Minimize warehouse damage:- Unitized loads moved by forklift or pallet jack in the warehouse,are less likely to suffer     damage than loose boxes carried by hand. Ex. a small carton or box may receive impacts from 30" or higher when     accidentally dropped by hand whereas a unitized load will seldom receive 12" in drop.

3) Minimize transit damage:- It is less likely in LTL shipments that dense,heavy items will be parked on top of palletized     unit loads. Hence goods stand a greater chance of not being damaged. The same cannot be said of cartons shipped     individually.

Additional benefits:-

1) Inventory control:- Unitizing products improved control of inventory since large unitized loads (as opposed to parcels of     smaller ones) can be identified,counted and managed easily.

2) Scan through optics:- The clarity of stretch film enables UPC codes to be quickly scanned and read while protecting     labels and lot codes printed underneath the film.

3) Elimination / Reduction of other packaging materials:- Stretch film's superior load holding capability either eliminates     the need for or helps scale down the bulk of other packaging materials.(e.g. In some cases stretch film may enable     thinner corrugate to be used for packaging goods)

4) Recycling:- Stretch Film is recyclable.