VCI Films




1) Corrosion & contamination protection
2) Outer layer provides excellent mechanical properties - puncture & tear strength
3) Provides multi-metal corrosion protection
4) Protected parts can be used immediately without cleaning or degreasing

Advantages of VCI over Oil and Grease

Parameters Oil and Grease VCI Polyfilm
Suitability Suitable only where metal items are to be protected. Not suitable if metal parts contain rubber or other material Suitable for all sizes of products and for all situations
Method of application To be applied by brush or hand which is time consuming Packing or wrapping is easy
Drawback Degreasing and removing oil is expensive and time consuming No such problems
Moisture Barrier Properties No surety unless secondary packing is done Barrier of moisture and higher the thickness of film,greater the moisture properties.
Additional packing Packed items require additional packing of plastic or jute Additional packing not required if necessary thickness of flim can be increased
Cost/Benefits Analysis Though cost of oil is not much,greasing and degreasing is expensive in terms of labour and time involved.Also the cost of secondary packaging. Most cost effective corrosion protection method