Anti–static Film


Anti static film is a single layer of non-amide polyethylene.These are non corrosive films used to protect static sensitive materials especially electronic goods and components. They protect package contents from the internal generation of static electricity.The film has excellent mechanical properties and reduces static charge generated in electronic assemblies and sensitive electronic devices.

Our anti static film meets electrical requirements of MIL-P-82646A. It is made from a single layer of carbon-loaded polyethylene and its conductivity does not depend on humidity. It is non-sloughing,does not contaminate components it comes in contact with despite repeated use and is groundable.


1) Packaging of static sensitive components,where electrostatic contamination is a problem.
2) Electronics packaging
3) Highly recommended for packaging of explosive powders and other critical applications.The material has low electrical     resistance,and allows electrons to flow easily.
4) Protective devices,metal parts and components,paints and chemicals etc.


1) ESD protection in electronics goods
2) Excellent moisture and dust barrier
3) Excellent stretch ability