Stretch Film




Stretch wrap is most commonly made of LLDPE. Shipping or storage of items wrapped in stretch film eliminates the need for tape, string, strapping, twine and other conventional securing methods that protect product surfaces.

From uniform loads to irregular shapes, from heavy steel products to near weightless bottles, stretch film has answered packaging needs. Today’s stretch films address virtually any product to be moved in process or around the globe.


Stretch film secures the pallets off individual containers. Stretch Film is used by almost all manufacturers and distributors for weather proofing cartons by binding shipping cartons to pallets before dispatching it to a distribution center or a warehouse. It is also used at the distribution center to wrap pallets sent to customers or outlets.

Pallet stretch wrap can be applied automatically with semi or fully automatic wrapping machines or by hand. Stretch Film binds together products without leaving any residues one normally experiences with adhesive tape. It is easy to remove and does not damage the product. Other applications of stretch wrapping include bundle wrapping, roll wrapping.

Machine Wrap:-

Machine stretch wrap designed for high speed and automated operations for all load types.

Hand Wrap:-

Hand stretch wrap designed for easy application and strength. We offer conventional hand wrap and stiff hand wrap that meets all blown hand film requirements.


1)  Superior cling
2)  Outstanding puncture resistance
3)  Exceptional tear resistance
4)  High Load Containment Value
5)  Great optical clarity for electronic scanning
6)  Reduced Noise
7)  Good resistance to abrasion and shock