Shrink Film


As the name suggests, when heat is applied to shrink film it shrinks tightly over whatever it is covering. From a small bottle to a big building–anything can be shrink wrapped. The idea is to protect the product against any damage from dust, water or heat during transportation and to give it a clean look. Shrink Film is applied to any product where presentation and protection counts.

Shrink Film from Penguin Plastics is cost effective and suitable for light weight, low abuse packages. Our shrink films provide the performance of heavy gauge films while still offering good strength, durability and clarity.Roll width can be 6’’ to 56’’ with thickness ranging from 25 to 250 micron.

Shrink bundling is an effective way to reduce corrugated usage. Multiple packs are also a popular application for industrial shrink film. Our shrink bundling films have the right shrinkage ratio, good stack ability and are sold by net weight with honest yield.


1)  Food and agriculture industry
2)  Automotive industry
3)  Toys,stationery,promotional multipacks,biscuits,pizzas,chocolate boxes,bread,cheese and meats.
4)  Tray packing for packing of perishable foods,box lunches,prepared foods etc.
5)  Cartons,books,large appliances,pallet loads etc. It is also used to cover boats after manufacture and for winter storage.
6)  Electric wiring.
7)  Bundling of cases of soda water and beverage cans.
8)  Doors and windows
9)  Form,fill and seal applications.


1)  Glossy appearance with high transparency.
2)  High burn out resistance,excellent stiffness and stability.
3)  Environmentally friendly films.
4)  Excellent sealing shrinkage,elasticity and memory properties.
5)  Remain tightly sealed around the product after storage, transportation and conveyance to store.
6)  Anti-fog properties,which prevent droplets from condensing inside the package,maintaining a clear wrap and prolonged      shelf life.
7)  Printing on both side possible.
8)  Great for both plastic and metal containers and are available in a variety of materials such as white,opaque and clear      films.